Upcoming Fixtures and bus times


Here is all the up to date information regarding firstly the away games and the arrangements, secondly the home games and transport times. For away games especially please contact either Darren Curzon Tel. No. 07533300465 or Ian Buxton Tel. No. 07514040736 for booking an admission ticket, a bus seat, the cost and the departure time. You are advised to do this within or before fourteen days of the next away game. The reason is because DCFC ticket office need to know how many tickets our club requires. If you are a new member needing an admission ticket you have to fill in the form available on Ticket Form Page, or you can ask either Darren or Ian for the form. If you get your own admission ticket then ask either Darren or Ian if you can book a seat on the coach.

Owing to Coronavirus all games are postponed until    2nd May 2020

When new dates are arranged they will be displayed here for your consultation

2019 / 2020 Away Fixtures

Millwall v  The Rams  

Preston North End  v The Rams

West Bromwich Albion  v  The Rams  

Cardiff   v  The Rams

Birmingham   v  The Rams 

2019 / 2020 Home fixtures

Bus departure times are always one and a half hours before kick off from Heanor Market Place. A quarter of an hour earlier at Eastwood Hilltop and ten minutes later at The Bell in Smalley

The Rams  v Reading 

The Rams  v  Nottingham Forest 

The Rams  v  Brentford 

The Rams  v  Leeds United