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Because of this current plight we are having to endure the committee had a “virtual meeting” and it was decided and agreed upon that the persons elected for the 2019 /20 season were to continue through the 2020 / 2021 season and as soon as normality comes about the original format will then be returned to.

September20th 2020

No news is good news is the saying and this applies from the start of this season. As is well known all the activity which would normally be in vogue within our club would be in full swing yet alas owing to, you know what, nothing is being initiated. There are no forth coming activities and we are being denied to go to Pride Park and from all accounts at the time of writing the outlook is bleak and our only recourse is via Rams Tv or if Sky deem it, then we may be able to see our team via their transmission.

What is pleasing to note is that our Web Site is still atracting visitors. It is amazing to note that during the week of the 24th to 30th of August 98 persons veiwed our site and from then on to today, 67 have tuned in to read what we put out. To all of you we say thanks. What is phenominal as well as a few regulars from the USA we had 6 tune in from New Zealand. Again we have a world wide readership. Long may this continue.