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TODAY Tuesday April 14th 2020 is a sad day for all 200 members of the Heanor Rams Supporters Club. We are informed that this dreadful  virus rampaging amongst us has taken the life of our Freeway bus driver we affectionately called “Greeny”  He was always at the helm driving the Heanor bus to and from Pride Park and on the weekend trips to Blackpool and Weston-Super-Mare. From everyone who is a Heanor Ram fan and others who knew him we send our deepest and most heartful condolences to his wife, children and family.

This is the obituary for Mark (Greeny) Green published in the DERBYSHIRE TIMES this week 22/4/2020

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Mark Green
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Mr Mark Green Hasland Mr Mark Jonathan Green affectionately known as “bean” of Hasland has sadly passed away at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, aged 47.
Mark was born in Wingerworth, he was a Hasland resident for 45 years and a very well known and popular character who never failed to make people laugh.
He worked as a coach driver for Freeway Coaches and as a funeral assistant at Harold Lilliker & Sons. He was very proud of both his occupations.
Mark had many hobbies and interests, he loved football and ran the local team Hasland Wanderers, he liked boxing, both watching and participating, gambling, playing cards especially poker, he was known to send the odd joke text message! He loved going on holidays with family and friends in Cornwall. Above all and most importantly Mark loved spending time with his family and friends, “Family First ” was what he used to say and tried his hardest to drill that in to everyone he met.
Mark leaves his wife, three children, three grandchildren and his parents.
The funeral service takes place on Saturday April 25, 2020 at Chesterfield Crematorium at 12.30pm. Live web cast will be available using the following link 23350 password aghezwzu
There will be a memorial service to celebrate his legacy at a further date.
Anybody wishing to pay their respects to Mark by standing along the route, beginning at Mansfield Road at 12.00 travelling through Hasland, is requested to strictly observe the social distancing guidelines of the mimimum of 2 meters and disperse immediately after we pass. Mark would wish for everyone to stay safe.
Funeral Directors; Harold Lilliker & Sons Ltd, 369 Hasland Road, Hasland, Chesterfield. (01246 277095)

Published in Derbyshire Times on Apr. 22, 2020


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“R.I.P Bean. My thoughts go out to all Marks family. He will…”
-Goodwin Jill
“Kind hearted soul loved by many x”
-Angie Jolley
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April 23, 2020

R.I.P Bean.
My thoughts go out to all Marks family. He will be sadly missed.x
Goodwin Jill, Tibshelf, Derbyshire
April 23, 2020

Kind hearted soul loved by many x
Angie Jolley, Chesterfield, Derbyshire
April 23, 2020
Rip Mark.Taken way too soon. Condolences to all his family.You’re all in my thoughts.Angie Jolley. Xx

April 22, 2020
R.I.P. Mark.


As well as all these very sentimental messages there are many more on Facebook. Just enter his name and all the thoughts and memories of Mark can be read.

Whilst we are in limbo you are invited to send in any anecdotes or jokes about football or the Rams If they are printable share them with our many readers. As well as this any incident

game send them to the Email address “HeanorRams”


Sunday 3rd May 2020

Are you getting fed up with this “stay at home” rule? If so consider one issue. When you go to pride Park next time to watch Derby County just take a moment to gaze around the stadium and see how many persons are in attendance for the game. Maybe the count up could be about 26,000. Then consider that if all those persons just simply disappeared. and the stadium became empty. This is equivalent to the number of people who have been taken from us, just disappeared, because of Coronavirus. So if you are reading this and are fed up because of being at home take into consideration. which is the better, to stay at home; or to disappear.

There are many people who are being selfish and inconsiderate because they are not happy owing to this shutdown and are now wanting to “get back to normal” and pontificate that this virus will not attack them. They could be the next one to be struck down, all because they are bombastic enough to believe they are immune. If the general public become agitated by their stupidity and demand the shut down ends for particular business’s or pastimes then just take into your own circumstances. No one is immune, no one can categorically say it will not affect them, do not jump on the band wagon and follow the self promoted, acting ridiculous persons, they will lead you to destruction. Stop for a second and think. How did Mark Green get caught and what of his family and friends who he has left. Do you want to do the same?

Lots of hot air has been spent flouting how the football season can start. If all the upper echelon of the FA had to choose, would they say lets start “tomorrow” ; and then another 26,000 are dead within a few weeks.  This season has to end now. The one way to get round it is to begin next season where this season finished. On the starting day the league positions begin as they are now, and the fixtures are the same as 2019/20 The outstanding games can be slotted in as and when and the League Cup abandoned for the season to give space for these games. The outcome would be thus. The teams vying for promotion can continue and those staving relegation also. No one starts with an advantage because they begin where they left off just as if the games began “now”. The current situation is bizarre and has no precedent, and so to try to make it as even as possible a bizarre idea has to be implemented. To decide who is promoted without kicking a ball or the same for relegation cannot be fully justified and will only create resentment and unrest. Thus to start again with the points tally from last season can only be a fair way which in essence means every club has the chance to continue and rise or fall by their own fate.

Sunday May 17th 2020

We are now entering week nine of the lock down and it must be getting more and more demoralising for many, many persons in Heanor and around Derby to be held in limbo, and even worse for anyone who has lost relatives to this dreadful disease. In recent days a chink of hope has come with the restrictions being lifted yet is it fair to wander around the country side risking yourself, and family just for the sake of it?

On the lighter side have you been tuning in on Tuesday nights and Saturday afternoon to watch Match day Relived on the Rams TV? The recent matches have taken us back to Elland Road for that most unforgettable game when being one goal down from the home leg and all the press arranging a Leeds v Aston Villa play off game had their noses rubbed in the muck when our lads showed the world that a team who lost the first leg can win the second leg and get to Wembley. The sight of “our Jack” running behind the goals after scoring the winner with his tongue pushing his right cheek out will be for ever etched on 28.000 Ram fans for eternity. Last Saturday we were taken back to Old Trafford for the Carraboa Cup game. A goal down within three minutes sunk all hopes yet did the Rams hope fade? not at all. That also unforgettable moment when Mr Wilson took a free kick from which no one moved, not even the Reds goal keeper until the ball was sat nestled in his goal, and every Ram fan was swooning with absolute delight and hysteria. As time passed on “Our Jack” came into play and low and behold he headed his first goal for the Rams at that crucial moment. However the mardy Red players demanded VAR to see if an off side was apparent and who was the judge? That man who denied two good goals for us against Nottingham Forest a few seasons ago. Did his mind wander back to that period (we wondered)? It must have done for he dismissed the Reds appeal. With just seconds of the game left to play that fuzzy haired lad from Belgium jumped on the back of a Ram player to head the ball into the goal. Was VAR asked for? No. The goal countered, however the Rams fired in eight sparkling penalties and got their just rewards. It was really magic to see it all over again. There are similar games to watch on the BBC and ITV on Saturdays albeit world cup games. Last Saturday it was Holland being shown on the BBC and who was in that team? non other than Mr Cucu. His name was spoken about twice, so he did not show up much.

It looks likely that the Championship could be played out at some time yet just when seems to be put back later and later. As previously mentioned it should be replayed all over again yet keep the points earned from the 2019 / 20 season.

Last laugh.

Two old fellows, one age 75 the other aged 82 saw the sign for the Pudding run sponsored by Mathew Walker to be run last November. They applied to run asking if they could start on the Saturday before the Sunday start. The organiser abruptly refused them saying “We do not allow handicaps in this race” To which they replied, “Hold on my lad, we are not asking for an handicap; just consider at our age, we won’t finish ’till Monday”

And finally

Thank you to the 18 persons who have looked at our web site within the last two weeks.

May 28th 2020        Week 10 of the lock down

Have you been tuning in to Rams TV to watch Matchday Relived? The last two games were interesting. Firstly the win against Southampton which took the Rams to Wembley in 2007 to meet and beat West Bromwich Albion. (No more to be said about the events after winning a place in the premiership) The second again against West Brom. when it was the last game of the season and a win would take the Rams into the playoffs to meet Leeds United. It was fascinating to watch it all in full once again, especially seeing Mason Bennet after he scored the third goal. He got stuck trying to get his shirt off, and we were certain he was heading for the A52 and M1 then the A617, over “Glappy” hill and to turn left at the Pleasley roundabout and straight into Shirebrook to celebrate. Fortunately he only got as far as the corner post displaying a bare chest and a pile of his team mates on top of him to cool his ardour. It was exhilarating for every one, even watching it last Tuesday the same excitement was rekindled. It was a good squad Lampard had assembled and when they were on song they were magic. Now we watch those three lonees playing for their country yet it is heart warming to realise they plied their path via Derby County.  The Rams are back in training yet when or will the season pick up again is still any ones guess. It is a bit much to ask them to play in an empty stadium just to satisfy the upper echelon to see if those at the top of the league can sustain it and gain promotion, or those at the bottom avoid relegation which ever transpires. Derby have the sword of Damocles hanging over them relating to the enquiry about selling the stadium to Mel Morris which speculation suggests they could, if the worst occurs, drop them into the relegation mire, along with those Dee Daa’s in Sheffield, who also face similar charges. Jimmy Greaves always said “its a funny old game” and those words ring more true just at the current time. Whilst this scourge is upon us we can only wait and see. Owing to this everything is on hold so again, just when it will all be resolved is simply speculation.

Lets have a laugh.

A couple were sat in the bath together, she began to search for the soap. When she found it she said” That’s a fine place to hide it” “Aye” he replied ” it was the first place you looked though”

And finally; thank you to the 25 persons who took the interest to read our website last week.