Meet your 2019 / 2020 committee

The committee for the 2020/21 season is to be the same as for the previous season owing to “You know what”! Any changes will be recorded on our website as and when these changes occur.

Chairman;                   Mr Martin Plant      07880357596

Vice Chairman;          Mr Ian Buxton         07514040736

Secretary;   Mr  Andrew Waterall         07581220709

Treasurer;   Mr Granville Gigg          01773718166

Membership Secretary;  Mr Martin Parkins     07980636783

Away Transport;   Mr Darren Curzon   07533300465        &                                                                                     Mr Ian Buxton          07514040736

                             Committee Members

Ms Ruth Roe  07989360546               Miss Amanda Curzon    07976368795

Mrs Zoe Bellamy 07487764411         Mr Graham Waterall    07972852576

Mr Geoff. Marsden  07748851127    Mr Christopher Crawford

Mr Kev Kirkman     07956368843

The committee meet usually on the third Thursday of every month to discuss all up and coming events and the general running of the club. All members are able to sit and listen yet cannot participate in any voting. If you have an idea or issue you would like to have discussed you are most welcome to come along and voice your concern.