Fixture list

You are given all the up to date information regarding Home fixtures and Away fixtures here on this page. The point of pick up and the times will be issued as and when they are arranged, and the costs are also given. However the issue of away tickets is very erratic so if you want a ticket and to travel you must inform either Ian Buxton [07574040736] or Darren Curzon  [07723588912]  at least two weeks prior to away games or the chance of obtaining a ticket issued by the club could be lost.

Legislation regarding  DATA PROTECTION has created a situation where all members have to (by statute) fill in a given form if they want to purchase tickets to the away games through Heanor Rams Supporters Club.. If you have not filled in one of these forms and you want Heanor Rams to supply you with an away ticket then you will be refused.  Either Ian Buxton, or Darren Curzon, or any committee member will gladly take the completed form from you. Below is the form you have to enter up. You can copy and download this at home print it off, fill in your details an pass it on to Darren Curzon or Ian Buxton.

Home transport

Two buses will convey all Derby County supporters to every home game during the season. One bus departs Eastwood, Hilltop, one and three quarters of an hour prior to the kick off time and stopping at Heanor. Where as the other bus departs Heanor at one and a half hours before kick off time. Both buses then depart together and stop to collect passengers at the The Bell in Smalley ten minutes after leaving Heanor and any predetermined stops between. The cost to all passengers is £5.00 for the return journey. Children under twelve the fare is £3.00. If one way is requested the fare is £3.00.  Please be understanding that to use this bus you have to be a full paid up member of the Heanor Rams. It only cost £1.00 to become a member. Martin Parkins or his assistant on the other bus, will be pleased to take your £1.00 and give you a membership card. You are asked to carry this with you at every home game if you use the bus. A check will be made at any time during the season to ensure all passengers are bona fide members. Any one wanting just a one way ride back to Heanor please show courtesy to return journey passengers before boarding.

Away Transport

A revue has been undertaken regarding the cost incurred for away games.. Prices are for ever changing, either the bus hire, or the cost of a ticket to the away game. The opponents are reluctant to reveal their ticket pricing sometimes as late as two weeks before the game. With teams the like of Derby being the visitors the game is classified as grade one, and a match ticket cost can vary from £25.00. to as much as £37.00 and sometimes more. The true cost to any away game fourteen days prior is an enigma as well as a well considered guess.. Television also adds to the upset. The game can be changed from a Saturday to a Monday or the kick off times are changed. Hence all the arrangements potentially put in place are subject to an instant change. Any one wanting to attend an away game has to bear this in mind and work with Darren Curzon (07723588912); and Ian Buxton (07514040736); who are working in co-operation with each other to give all away supporters the best information they can, as soon as they can, so that times  and places of pick up are known and the costs have been calculated.  If any alterations are made by television please contact the away organisers to confirm you are still willing to travel. Estimated bus fares for long journeys to such as Swansea, Brentford, and Middlesbrough (and any others) will be given a bus fare cost of no more than £25.00. Medium journeys for Aston Villa, West Bromwich Albion, Norwich Blackburn, Preston, (again any others) these games will command a bus fare of no more than £20.00 then “local” trips to Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, and United, and Rotherham will cost no more than £15.00. All supporters who purchase their own match ticket can use the bus, yet if you want Darren or Ian to get you a ticket then you have to inform them at least fourteen days prior to the game and give the full details that will be sought from you. The times of pick up for all away games, when ever possible, will be given under the heading  “Next away game” If you enjoy the away games then please give either Darren or Ian plenty of time to organise the day. Late comers who leave it less than seven days, perhaps will not be accommodated. If you do purchase  your own ticket for an away game and you wish to use the transport provided by Heanor Rams again please  inform either Darren or Ian all in good time so that the bus they hire can accommodate you. It is a very awkward situation to arrange away games so the full co-operation of all Heanor Rams supporters is asked for.

You can book a seat on our away games bus if you have purchased your ticket elsewhere; just call Darren or Ian and a seat will be reserved for you. Please try to book your tickets and seat well in advance to assist Darren and Ian to make final arrangements all in good time. Also read the press to confirm television has not stepped in to change kick off times.

Currently, the purchase of away admission tickets is becoming increasing awkward.  The Derby County ticket office is putting too much administration on to the purchasers. All Rams fans who enjoy travelling with Heanor Rams Supporters club are asked to give their definite booking at least two weeks prior to the game if not sooner. Darren Curzon (07723588912) transport and Ian Buxton (07514040736) tickets, are having difficulty in ensuring they have enough tickets ordered for all who have made tentative bookings, so please can you make your next reservation a definite reservation.

Addage      Please take note. If you want a ticket for an away game you have to contact Ian Buxton  07514040736  If you  have your own admission ticket and you want to reserve a seat on the bus you contact Darren Curzon  07723588912

                                                Next away game

Sheffield United  v  The Rams  Wednesday 26th December K O 15.00  The bus will leave Heanor at 10.30. Fans with their own tickets are invited to travel.

Norwich City  v The Rams  Saturday 29th December  K O 15.00. The bus will leave Heanor at 09.00.  Fans with their own tickets are invited to travel.

Leeds United  v  The Rams    FRIDAY  11th January 2019  K O 19.45  Arrangements will be announced ASAP  TELEVISION DATE CHANGE

                                               Next Home game

The Rams  v Bristol City  Saturday  December 22nd  K O 15.00  The home buses will depart at the usual times for a Saturday kick off.

 The Rams  v  Middlesbrough    Tuesday January 1st K O 15.00   The home buses will depart at the usual times for a (Saturday) kick off


                               The latest news about the 2018 quiz

To write that the quiz night was a success is a gross understatement. The quiz night was a gigantic success and for those who were absent you missed an excellent occasion. There were so many persons wanting to participate that tables and chairs had to be drafted in from other rooms to ensconce the crowd. Our venerable treasurer from the Principality awaited with his posers to test all the assembly which by fifteen minutes from the start  had filled the room and were all sat waiting with high anticipation and trepidation. Mr Martin Plant welcomed the persons present and introduced Mr Grenville Giggs to begin the quiz. Ten rounds each containing eight questions were to be given with subjects ranging from Pot Luck to Fashion, from Animals to Food and Drink to Celebrities and Music and Tv Cops. Sport was added and to test us English of Heanor and surrounding areas how much we know of the “question masters” love of his birth country, Wales. During the process there was cheers of delight to realise the “guess” was correct and moans of derision when the given answer was incorrect. At half time the buffet was opened and this disappeared with only crumbs left. The bonus round was to decide from geographical knowledge which towns or cities had which river flowing through them. A most testing round which drew the brain matter to excess. Whilst the scores were being totalled up the raffle was drawn which consisted of fourteen donated prizes. Then the long awaited results were announced. There was a record number of nineteen teams participating. When it came to the last three there was a draw between the “Alchy section” and a team from Donnington for the second place, so a tie breaker asking what the population of Derby was at the last census. The victors were Donnington who were given shopping vouchers for their endeavours. The overall winners were the “City Slickers” who again were given shopping vouchers for their superior brain power. The excellent news that the total raised fro the chosen Charity of Bens Den had accrued a magnificent amount of £260.00 brought a well deserved applause from all the persons present. Overall a very good enjoyable evening.