Mr.M.Plant has this message for all Heanor Rams supporters regarding the home transport 

Those members who travel to home games on Heanor branch transport will be aware of the parking issues experienced over the past few games.  We are issued with parking permits for each bus but are unable to choose exactly where we park.  Derby County employ a traffic management company to govern the use of roads and parking on match days.  We basically have to park where we are told, this is not decided by the drivers or the committee.

We have been fortunate to have always been allowed to park in the bus stop across from Frankie and Benny’s, close to the stadium.  This season, since the start of road works’ around the Toys R Us island, the stewards have insisted that after dropping off passengers the buses must park up near to the bridge, an extra walk of about 200m or so.  As a committee we are well aware that not all of our members are easily able to make this extra distance on foot.  We have discussed options at committee meetings and also with the TMS stewards.  At the Burton game it was agreed that, for the Aston Villa game, both buses will drop off passengers on Riverside Way (i.e just off the island where we currently drop off) and the buses will remain parked there throughout the match to enable members to get back onto the bus where they got off, close to the stadium.  If successful, this will become the normal parking position for all games until further notice.  The only down side may be that it takes a little longer to get away after the game but we do not believe it will be more than a few minutes delay.

We apologise for any confusion and inconvenience however we have little control over the situation; we are doing all we can to resolve.

Martin Plant – Chairman

The signing of Cameron Jerome

“Who do you think you are kidding Mr Rowett….” Yes Derby is the “Dads Army” of the championship. Who ever it be, if there be one, to leave in this January window then the average age of the team has to go up one notch. Cameron Jerome is 31 years old and maybe he has a track record of scoring goals yet he is unable to get a start in the Norwich team that is failing. Does this mean in football terms he can kick start his career at Derby? Recall Butterfield whose form at Huddersfield encouraged a move to Derby, recall Blackman whose form at Reading encouraged a move to Derby, where are they now? Many are of the opinion that Jerome will fall into this category and Derby will have another has been to hanging on. Bent is a similar player to Jerome so why have the Rams signed him? It is a well known fact that strikers are a rare breed and English strikers are even more rare, however Derby have goal scorers in the team as is proven what is dire is a midfielder of the ilk of Hughes. Derby have nurtured good players out of the academy then sold them off. It appears that we have to get the dregs of what is left. Now we have an aged team who has only one thing missing; the white hair as sported by Fabrizio Ravenelli.

Jason Shackell

It seems as if it is farewell and all the very best to Jason Shackell. When he first came to Derby he held the defence together in a very good way, and of course when other teams see this they come poaching and away he went to Burnley where he played as captain in the Premiership. He came back to Derby yet failed to achieve the same consistency as he had before he left. This season he has played a couple of times in the first team yet his acumen was well below par subsequently he has been “frozen out”. Now he has the chance to resurrect his career at Millwall and we wish him well.

Farewell Darren Bent

Darren Bent has been taken on by Burton Albion to give them hope of scoring a goal or two to keep them in the Championship.  We wish him well for his recovery from injury has taken some time as it does with older players yet if he can enjoy his football and do a good job for Nigel Clough and Co. then all well and good. Just a message from us all Darren. Before you take to the field, recap the off side rule —several times.

Goodbye Johnny Russell          (29/1/2018)

What can be said about the loss of Jonny Russell? In a few words, it is not a great loss. He is too erratic and gregarious for most of a game. He wanders away from his patch then has to chase back to do his job and because of his dashing about he is totally impotent. He can get into a good situation then his final pass or attempt is wild more times than it is accurate. He would never be able to compete in the premiership because he is not fit enough in mind and body. Albeit he is a popular player with many fans it is the real Johnny Russelll that has to be analised and not to be measured on a few spectacular goals he has scored. He has an opportunity to play in America with a club in Kansas so all that can be said is thank you Johnny for the good times and hope that you have many more in your new venture.

Who will take his place? At the time of writing there are just two days to go before this silly transfer window closes. Will a new face come to Pride Park within this time lapse?

Small exodus

This silly transfer window (which should be abolished for it serves no useful purpose) has now closed, and we say ta-ra to Chris Martin. He can be proud of his goal scoring record whilst he was wearing the Derby colours yet it seems odd that Pearson sent him to Fulham and now Rowett has sent him to Reading. He had the knack to score when given the chance yet off the ball he was, or tended to be, lazy and would not show aggression to win the ball or block an opponent’s clearance. If he does not play a type of game his manager is wanting then alas he is out of favour. Young Mason Bennett has also been sent out on loan to Notts County. Bennett is a tough lad yet he needs a bit of culture and craft to his game. This is understandable when his roots are in Shirebrook, for the attitude of the footballers from there is more crude than skill. maybe Nolan (Notts manager) can put a bit of what he lacks into him. Lets hope he can come back with a good attitude and prove himself for Derby.


A fella by the name of Kasey Palmer has been plucked from Chelsea to wear the Derby shirt until the end of the season. Little is known of this lad so all eyes will be on him to see if as a midfielder his is up to the marque.

Do you have anything to say about this transfer window or the movement in and out of Pride Park? If so write it and post it to :-  Heanorrams2017@gmail.com


Sam Winnall
The loss of Sam Winnall, is a set back for the Rams. He is on loan from Sheffield Wednesday, who bought him from Barnsley,  then loaned him to Derby. He has shown good promise and scored winning goals when called upon. He has ripped his ACL and will be out of commission for the remainder of the season. From all at Heanor Rams we wish him a speedy and successful recovery.

Addendum   13/2/18

An article in the newspaper today refers to  Pierlugi  Collina UEFA’s chief refereeing officer has asked referees in European cup games to be more astute. As well as clamping down on all the reckless tackles and such his last piece of advice is not to be pressured into making decisions by groups of players. This goes to show it is rife in top games in football, pity the championship referees do not get warned and given the same “advice”.

Mason Bennett

What a set back for this lad. He scored on his debut for Notts County so he must have been well pleased with that and looking forward to enjoying his loan spell, then in the next game he pulls his hamstring so now he his out for a while. What bad luck can come along at the wrong time.  All at Heanor Rams wish him well and hope for a speedy and successful recovery.

Sheffield Wednesday 2  The Rams  0

This result was inevitable. Is it a coincidence that in the last two games Derby have been out played by lively midfielders in Maddison for Norwich and Joao for Wednesday. It has been obvious all season that Derby are desperate  for mid fielders of their calibre. Two old men in midfield are being out played over run and inept. The 4-2-3-1 set up is failing every time. The out players on the forward line do not come back to defend into a 4-4-2 formation hence the wingers of the opposition draw Derby’s midfield out leaving room for the lively opposing midfielders all the time and space they want. If this is not a draw back then the performance level of the players apart from two or three such as Keogh, Davis and Carson is too far below par. This crew will not make it to the premiership. Opposing teams have slowly improved and are now giving their utmost to get the three points, whether it be for the play offs or survival. Derby have stood still. Where is the enthusiasm, determination, aggression it just is not there. Vidra  is now a marked man, and is played out of the game, so when he fails to score, who steps in to do the job? Nugent is past his best and now thinks about what to do and loses out. Wednesday had half of the U23s in the squad and still showed the Derby team how poor they are. Leeds are the next opponents at Pride Park, yet with this malaise that the  Rams show then there will be no Pride when they leave the field next Wednesday.


Derby have scored 48 goals up to now, Vidra has scored 17, which leaves 31 shared amongst the other 9 or so players. This equates to 3 or 4 each in simple maths. This epitomises the poor showing of the team in one. Maybe Carson gets an accolade along with the defenders for keeping clean sheets yet it still goes to show that if Vidra does not score then no one else does. The writing must have come off the wall and is now on display on Rowetts eyelids that his team needs a quality young pair of midfielders, who can take control of the game and over run the opposition. The aged quartet of Jerome, Nugent, Bent, and Martin are surplus to requirement. Weimann has to show greater improvement so does Lawrence. It proves that even if the team members are changed the intended improvement does not mature so all Rowett has at his disposal are like for like players with the same mentality and acumen. Is it that they are given a negative incitement before they leave the dressing room? They never seem to play with flair and liveliness like their opposition do. So what is wrong with them?

Do you know the answer? if so  write it to Heanorrams2017@gmail.com

The Rams 2  Leeds United  2

It is a blessing for extra time for without this the Rams would have lost this game. They equalised in the dying minutes of the first half then did likewise in the dying minutes of the second half. Inside the official forty five minutes they did their very best to fluff all the best chances they could create. The Leeds defenders were very insecure and nervy yet the Rams would not impose them selves heavy enough to make them concede. Several times the Leeds defenders just stood in their own half not knowing where to pass the ball to yet the Rams forwards stood watching them instead of hassling them into errors. However having said that the forwards with the full assistance of Hudleston who was having a good game created chance after chance in the first 35 minutes and should have been 3 goals up. Then they decided to go to sleep and allowed the Leeds left winger to collect a nice pass run down to the touch line to see his centre forward  overtaking Keogh and Davis so he sent the ball to him to put it in the net against the run of play and Leeds were one up.  It was back to attacking again by the Rams and when two minutes extra time was shown over came the ball curtesy from a Leeds players head making Weimann onside to blast the ball under the Leeds goalkeeper to equalise. The second half seemed to be played out the same as the first until the midfield was encouraged to wander across to their left and the ball was sent over to the right where the Leeds player had the simple job to score, except Carson stopped it yet alas could not hold it and Leeds were two up from the rebound. Then a frenetic last five minutes of extra time found Palmer almost on the goal line thus he could not miss to give the Rams and equaliser. To sum it all up Derby have lost the venom they had in 2017 and now other teams know how to beat them. Derby are now playing catch up in all the games at home especially for this makes eleven points they have lost in the last five games by drawing four of them and losing one.


This last game is difficult to judge because Vydra played all over the park mainly because he is a marked man by being the leagues top scorer. so he played the correct game. Nugent?. He has lost it. He is no better now than a middle rated league two player. he was given an open goal so he missed. This is disgraceful. Ollson was so negative in all the game he was an embarrassment to watch.  Huddleston was carrying Ledley who was simply making the numbers up.  Lawrence is Russell in disguise for when it comes to the final pass or an opportunity he sends the ball wayward. The team cannot carry four or five players failing all the time. Jerome needs to start and disturb the opposition defenders and if need be Nugent to come on and run them ragged for the last fifteen minutes. Ollson has to be left out and give Forsythe his berth, he may not be better yet he is not worse. Ledley is not the answer, Thorne had not grasped the nettle, so a lively midfielder is paramount. Lawrence needs coaching. which brings in to question what the coaching staff do all week. Philps holds the golden boot for scoring goals yet watches the Rams forwards fluff the opportunities. In fact it can be asked what all the coaching staff do all week for when they are out on the field prior to kick off they just hang about totally ineffective, and kicking footballs into the goals for the ball boys to collect. It seems from an outsider watching it needs a big shake up in the backroom staff.

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