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Northampton Town  0  The Rams  0

This game wins the accolade for being the most horrible game the Rams have played in this season. It was akin to watching grown men play under twelves football. The ball was either in the air going left to right and right to left and so on or it was in the air for heading practice. In fact it was a shambles. It was not aided by the most blatant foul perpetrated this season to Jack Marriot that three officials deemed to either “not see” or dismiss it never happened. This misdemeanour inside the first ten minutes set the scene for the Cobblers and all they could do was kick it as far as they could or throw it in as far as they could. Their system is called F F football. Fullbacks to Forwards. Credit has to go to the Rams  full backs for being astute enough to combat this pathetic onslaught that got no result for the Cobblers. Again Roos showed his good ability as well as his heart stopping ability. Rooney was only there for the Northampton supporters to see him. There was no feed from defence or midfield to Martin or Marriot, only Knight, who gets better no matter who the opposition, came of the field with credit. Bird was steady and must realise that he has to sharpen up some. Wisdom was his usual sixty five percent efficient (Molly) Malone never featured, FFFFForsythe, well?  and Davies had two chances to head the ball into the onion bag and failed on both occasions. When the Rams did get the ball onto the grass and began to play football they got as far as the danger area and it fizzled out for a Northampton player to lung the ball into the opposition half. If any one has an inkling to say it was enjoyable they are deluded. There were no high lights or missed chances, Derby never tested the Cobblers goal keeper, in fact never had one shot at goal. The referee was definitely a “homer” and needs to go back to school for an understanding of the rules. Lets hope that the replay produces a lot more enterprise from the Rams’


Why is it that the Rams succumb to easily to any opposition. Surely they must have had scouts at the Cobblers games prior to this event who give a full account of the way they play, the players to be aware of and work out a system of how to combat them. Yet what seems to be prevalent is they are taken aback by the thrust thrown upon them and cannot over come it, or do not try to over come it and just simply go through the motions. Apart from Knight no one else wanted to do anything special. Martin was left floundering Marriot looked enthusiastic to no avail and was substituted. Waghorn who replaced him got the same no passes, so why was this done. The substitution should have been Rooney  who was being played out of the game and had he been taken off then the mid field could have taken more control. The high ball passes from the hosts over the mid field was difficult to combat yet with more thought and playing more football instead of kick and rush the Rams could have put this game to bed. They need to sit down and study hard the Northampton style and really get to grips with their own way to over come league two football. The ability of the Rams is far better than they showed so to ensure who ever they draw in the next round is put on edge by eleven players representing Derby County. It will be no good to try to match fire with fire, this will be the undoing of their hopes in this competition. They have to show they are superior and dominate and make those Cobblers surrender and give up.