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                       The latest news about the 2018 quiz

To write that the quiz night was a success is a gross understatement. The quiz night was a gigantic success and for those who were absent you missed an excellent occasion. There were so many persons wanting to participate that tables and chairs had to be drafted in from other rooms to ensconce the crowd. Our venerable treasurer from the Principality awaited with his posers to test all the assembly which by fifteen minutes from the start  had filled the room and were all sat waiting with high anticipation and trepidation. Mr Martin Plant welcomed the persons present and introduced Mr Grenville Giggs to begin the quiz. Ten rounds each containing eight questions were to be given with subjects ranging from Pot Luck to Fashion, from Animals to Food and Drink to Celebrities and Music and Tv Cops. Sport was added and to test us English of Heanor and surrounding areas how much we know of the “question masters” love of his birth country, Wales. During the process there was cheers of delight to realise the “guess” was correct and moans of derision when the given answer was incorrect. At half time the buffet was opened and this disappeared with only crumbs left. The bonus round was to decide from geographical knowledge which towns or cities had which river flowing through them. A most testing round which drew the brain matter to excess. Whilst the scores were being totalled up the raffle was drawn which consisted of fourteen donated prizes. Then the long awaited results were announced. There was a record number of nineteen teams participating. When it came to the last three there was a draw between the “Alchy section” and a team from Donnington for the second place, so a tie breaker asking what the population of Derby was at the last census. The victors were Donnington who were given shopping vouchers for their endeavours. The overall winners were the “City Slickers” who again were given shopping vouchers for their superior brain power. The excellent news that the total raised for the chosen Charity of Bens Den had accrued a magnificent amount of £260.00, which inspired a well deserved applause from all the persons present. Overall a very good enjoyable evening. Lastly a huge thank you must go to the Steward and Stewardess of the Heanor Miners Welfare for their unerring assistance they gave in finding more tables and chairs and for the fabulous buffet they made.

The gang of 27 made it to Blackpool and according to what was uploaded onto Face book on Saturday night it seems as if they are in need of further singing lessons. It came through the grapevine that they were all good singers, until their Dad’s put a lock on the lavatory door !!


The Rams 2  Swansea City 1

Harry Wilson scored two fantastic goals in this game. That is all that can be said for it. The Swans just swan around waiting for the ninety minutes to elapse and did nothing to make Derby get flustered. Had it not been for Harry Wilson and his super shooting this game would have been the most boring game at Pride Park this season. Is it a coincidence that when “runabout” Bryson was out of the team the results and performances were a delight. Is it a coincidence that when “Worsel Gummige” Lawrence was wanting to play the results and performance were a delight. The introduction of super striker Marriot made the results and performances a delight. Now that the Rams have just two of their opponents to play then they have played them all, and the deepest season of winter has beset, and they are in a respectable position in the league, the performances are tailing off. Swansea were all pussy footers, they do not fight for the ball, they have a continental manager whose philosophy is anti British football. Hence the Rams were drawn into this sort of play and did nothing to entertain the 26.000 who suffered watching them. If Mr lampard and his cohorts can talk this style of play up to sound good then alas they are becoming deluded. This game should have been a chance to run amok especially in the second half after an understanding of the game plan of Swansea. Instead as usual they decided to play the Pub  football style and allow a sub standard team look good in the last ten minutes. This apathy and under, inadequate players will be the demise of the league position and Derby will finish mid table.


Derby County put eleven names on the team sheet, and out of those eleven it has to  be surmised that at least three of them consider it a right their name appears. It matters not that they are not on top of their game and deserve to be named, for in essence this is not so. Mr Lampard brought new exciting players to this club to get rid of the old men who are past their sell by date. He will not start his new recruits on the excuse they need experience, yet will not give them experience. Derby fans will not moan if they watch eleven players giving a good account of themselves yet do not win all the time. They will moan and have the right do so if they pay the inflated entrance fee and watch players giving only a half hearted show and then loose the game. Sad to say this seems to be the situation. Huddleston cannot deal with opponents who hassle him. Bryson who has been criticised in this column regularly looks busy and does nothing, except look busy. It was no surprise to see him have too good excellent chances in the game against Swansea and send the ball into “row Z”; twice. It was shock on just one occasion he passed the ball forward. He just runs about as he did when he was an under 10 player, chasing the ball. Lawrence as said many times allows his emotions not his football to control his play. He drifts in and out of the game, and if he gets beat in a tackle gives up and will do nothing to retrieve his loss. Therefore it can be agreed that the eleven named on the team sheet equates to nine and a half. Media pundits keep railing on about the forth coming transfer window and who the Rams need to purchase. The simple answer is; sell the old men off, pull the excited and exciting players out of the under 23’s get them training with the new recruits all week and let them loose on the Saturday. Never mind promotion build a team of footballers who have the intention, desire, enthusiasm and determination to do well for themselves and Derby County. Then this time next year the eleven on the team sheet may equal “twelve” relatively speaking.

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Wigan Athletic  0   The Rams  1

Two aspects of this game were that the Rams scored first and did not concede. Other than that it was another game to tick off and forget. Although having said that there is one side of the game that has to be discussed which is the brutal, mardy type of footballers that ply their trade in this league. The first highlight was when our man Mr Wilson was on his way to have a goal scoring chance Naysmith of Wigan transgressed and was sent for the early bath. From this event Derby dominated and that wonder scoring machine Marriot did his usual and nodded a goal for the Rams. For the next twenty or so minutes they over whelmed Wigan yet failed to add to the one goal. From then on Mr Wilson was a marked man and when ever he was on the ball he was either intimidated or fouled. The attitude the Wigan players showed was at times nothing less than disgusting from a neutral view. However Derby players and their performance in the second half was nothing less than a semi capitulation. They showed no enthusiasm or determination. Just a case of playing out the forty five minutes and hope not to conceded. When analysed it could well be because of Wigan’s brutal, petty style of playing which Derby neutralised simply to keep them at bay as best they could so as not to give the Latics any excuse to influence the referee to dish out coloured cards, especially red ones. Wilson was taken off for his own safety and on came Flo Jo, yet he too was insipid. Lawrence showed again his apathy, and Bryson ran around doing no good yet berating other players for their mistakes. At least for a couple of hours the Rams were third in the league and finished the day in fourth spot.


This squad are only a good squad when they want to be a good squad. They have too many ups and downs during the ninety minutes and this is no good for the health of any ardent Ram fan. How is it when they play ten men they cannot make use of the advantage. Against Stoke they collapsed, and against Wigan they showed signs of doing the same again. There is something amiss with their collective motivation. Maybe the anger sustained within the opponents for the loss of a player inspires the remainder to try that little bit harder, change their game plan to counter the loss, yet for every force there is an equal and opposite reaction which the Rams fail to adopt. Surely they have individual knowledge of these games either playing with or without a full team so surely they can adopt a change of policy to dominate the opponents. Maybe they are up against the proverbial “parked bus”, yet instead of trying to go through the wall of players why not go round them or send the ball over them? Having goals scored against them deflates a team, so it is when they are at that weakest point to go for the jugular. The Rams fail in this quest and thus do themselves no justice. To continue this halfhearted approach will be their undoing. If they win promotion this sort of play will put them straight back into the Championship. Now talking of “Quest” did you know that the EFL football highlights is on Quest Freeview channel 37 on Saturday night, a point which was meant to be mentioned ages ago.

The Rams   0  Nottingham Forest  0

The home game that is always the highlight of the season filtered out into a goalless draw which was a big disappointment for both sets of fans. It was not in any sense a drab game there were the usual incidents such as when Lawrence (note he has lost the tag Worsel Gummage) was fouled in the penalty area yet the manic referee decided it was not a foul. Lawrence was also involved in another bad decision by the indifferent referee when he slid in to take the ball cleanly to which the crowd applauded only to hear the whistle blown for a misdemeanour and to receive a yellow card, which incensed the 31,000 crowd. Later on in the second half he was thwacked in an improper manner, and again the diddering referee considered it a proper challenge which ultimately will put Lawrence into the treatment room. Both goalkeepers kept their clean sheets and both did it in magnificent style, both making fantastic saves. All in all it was a fine and truly enjoyable game with both teams determined not to lose. keogh and Timori showed their acumen against a Reds forward line that knows how to score. Huddleston is now showing he is too erratic and static, Bryson likewise except he roams around again looking busy and achieving nothing. Wilson, and Marriot are class, so is Mount yet he is finding life on the field somewhat difficult now he has been on the national team list. Special mention for Bogle and Malone both showed what they can do by supporting the forwards and with a little more coaching they could be encouraged to be selfish and have a pop at scoring rather than sending a pass to a team mate which is invariably cut out by an opposition defender. When the final whistle was blown several of the Rams team dropped to the knees or lay comatose on the field for they had gone that extra mile in this game and truly deserved the accolade. Although the crowd may be disappointed they did not beat their arch rivals by goals, were it scored akin to a boxing match they won on points.


The media and others are asking why the Rams have or seem to have lost that fluent style they showed during October and November. If they considered the team selection they will note that when Bryson plays the team fails. This is because no one can play with him and so the fluency is not there. He hardly ever passes a ball forward to set the attack going, He is on the left for a throw in then on the right for a throw in, and he leaves his own patch vacant for the opposition to explore. Why Mr Lampard and Co cannot see this is an enigma. Hudleston is now to slow and to erratic for this team. He has good pace in front of him so he blasts the ball to hard and to far for the wingers or forwards to collect it.  He has lost his ability he once had. Wilson is better to be playing midfield where he can have just that second or more to compose himself to do his thing, the same with Mount. He is worked to a frenzy because Bryson is on his toes or he has gone missing when he is needed in his own patch as just mentioned. Bristol City will be the last team to be played before the fixtures revert to playing the twenty three teams again, so Mr Lampard needs to experiment somewhat and try changing the team back to where it was when the football played was fluent and clean. This means to put the players in their better places and rid those that are upsetting the style he wants to have his team play. Not many would have forecast that the team would be in fourth position in the league just before Christmas and so if Derby were to retain this place after the next twenty four games then utopia may be on the horizon.

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