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Who did you vote for?   Who was your choice for player of the year?

Whoever you voted for The Heanor Rams choice for the player of the year is:-     Fikayo Tomori ;  and the runner up was:-    Richard Keogh


Brentford  3  The Rams  3

Griffin Park in West London has never been a venue that the Rams have enjoyed visiting. The Bees have hardly ever done Derby any favours and for some reason raise their game when the Rams pay a visit. Before this game Brentford had gone four games without a win and four games without a goal and as Derby seemed, from the last game, to be able to score at will then all hopes were that the trend for once would be cast aside and the Rams would be victorious. This hope seemed to be a little dour from the onset and Brentford gained the upper hand for the first ten to fifteen minutes, that is until the left deadly foot of Harry Wilson connected and the Rams had the advantage. However these canny Bees soon softened the Rams ardour when from a well rehearsed corner kick they slid the ball into the Rams goal to equal the score line.  Now the game became equal so it was left to the youngest man on the field to change the situation. All season Jason Bogle has threatened the opposition goal without any success yet never gave up hope that one day he may just complete what he has been determined to do. April sixth twenty nineteen will be the red letter day in his memory, for on collecting a pass whilst on the halfway line he dribbled past three static Bees and slotted the ball into the onion bag, not just for his own delight but for all the thousand Derby fans holding their breath, and to collect the adulation from his team mates.  Could this be the day Derby was to win at Brentford? The answer soon came when Brentford still showing they were determined equalised making the score two; two at half time. The spectators were enjoying a good game of football with both teams determined not to lose, the players were being a little feisty which added to the enjoyment. Once again the referee had to show his inefficiency and dubious decisions, mainly in favour of the home team. Any way, to break the dead lock Harry Wilson again with his deadly left boot slammed the ball past the bewildered Bees goalkeeper to give the Rams the lead albeit slightly against the run of play. At last the Rams held the advantage, which alas they could not hold and from disasterous events of defenders slipping just at the crucial second Brentford got the equalising goal. That is how the game ended, three three. One last souring issue. Duane Holmes was the victim of racial abuse from a Brentford “supporter”. Lets hope this abuser receives the punishment to fit the crime.


There is a lack of aggression and full commitment mentally in this Rams team to achieve the lead, keep it and build on it. Millwall, Sheffield Wednesday now Brentford has cost  the Rams six points just because they succumb to easily when they are in a winning situation. Those lost points would put them into fifth place in the league. It is all too easy to say, such as, five games unbeaten, yet those five games has yielded nine pints instead of fifteen. This is not promotion stuff. Maybe loss of form, injuries and all the other excuses can be thrown into the mix yet the real issue is the team are just not good enough yet to get any further than a place in the championship next season. There is potential within the club of players capable of gaining promotion and giving the fans the chance to watch boring Manchester City and Arsenal at Pride Park. What needs to happen is to rid the club of all those old negative players and install keen, aggressive enthusiastic lads whose ambition is to do or die for the Rams, not just to be a member of a squad earing Ex amount of pounds and keeping the bench warm every week. The thought of seeing Huddleston wander out next season is enough to make you want to throw your season ticket in the river Derwent. Johnson, playing now in such a manner to try to get an extension, suppose he does stay, then all that will occur is he gets back to his old ways and live in his comfort zone again. Bryson has come to his sell by date. Carson is another, while he is hanging about he is blocking and deterring  an up and coming goalkeeper to achieve their potential and desire. Keogh and Curtis Davis are nearing the last couple of seasons, Forsythe is too injury prone, as is Marcus Hobson. Others who need to be shown the door are David Nugent, Alex Pearce, Jason Butterfield, Andre Wisdom and Florian Jozefzoon, Maybe George Evans who has not shown any worthwhile reason to be kept, and lastly get rid of Ashley Cole. This will leave eight vacancies to be filled. Most of them are all ready pencilled in from the under 23’s biting at the chance. There are those out on loan with the experience of men’s football. Use the example of  Harry Kane and Dele Ali. Where did they learn their trade? Here is a message for you Frank. Give all the “reserves” the chance up to the new year then assess the situation. With careful yet fully committed coaching you will have a team capable of giving you the success you want, which will stop you and the media encouraging you to have half an eye on what is happening at the pensioners.

Blackburn Rovers 2  The Rams  0

There have been occasions when it is difficult to write the correct words of adulation about how well the Rams have played and the excitement and fulfilment they gave to every Derby County supporter young and old, newcomer or long term supporter. After this game the same applies except to say it is difficult to write the correct words to describe how shambolic they were. That sums it up in one word. There must have been some sort of upset or disagreement within the squad for them all to be a “Mr Hide” character. The omission of Jack Marriot from two games creates speculation that all is not well. Mr Lampard could possibly be behaving in such a way that his management un-skills are coming to the fore. Every team has an off day, yet it appears that Derby work in the opposite way and have an “on” day. The anticipation coming out after six goals against Rotherham, then three against Brentford gave speculators the expectation of similar at Ewood Park. It was not to be. Blackburn had not won in nine games they were demoralised, lacking in confidence, scared of Derby, or should that be the other way round. Derby were scared of Blackburn and they showed it for ninety excruciating minutes, and every player wearing that shirt should knock on Mr Lampard’s office door and apologise, that is if they are not part of the revolt that seems to be festering within the camp. Something, somewhere, is not right. What it is we will not get to know yet, maybe in a few weeks time when the retained list is published.


Derby County never function with Bryson in the team. He has passed his best and all he can do is berate other team mates, pretends he knows best and applies his playing to suit his abysmal self. Mount and Wilson feel subdued by his presence, and just cannot play with him. Keogh is no master of being the captain to tell any one to “get stuck in” and the game plan is a laugh, for there is no game plan., unless it is the rule never pass the ball forward only pass it side to side or back. The negativity is apparent to every Ram watcher; yet blind to Lampard and his coaches, (the last word used as a kind gesture). How on this earth can the management contemplate the play off’s with the hope, nay wish, of reaching the Premiership when they cannot beat or dominate teams at the bottom of the league. Imagine that team at The Etihad, on an April evening when City are going for the Premiership title. Hold on, no, don’t. There would not be enough balls on the abacus to keep tally of the score,  however they think they are good enough to be in that league. There are a lot of well paid, idle, not bothered, deluded footballers being paid by Mr Morris, and the sooner he wakes up and realises this the better. This club has been hanging on by the finger tips ever since they came out of the premiership in 2007 and every manager has come with a promise and left in disgrace. Paul Jewel has admitted that the season with Derby in the top league has left him “mentally scarred” and the pathetic antics and attitude of Steve McClaren ruined the club from which it has found to been very, very difficult to recover. After the way Derby performed at Blackburn Mr Lampard will be lambasted in the press which will encourage his demise at Derby. Managers it seems these days are not dismissed by the owners of the club they loose their job by the vitriol writings in the press. Lampard came on a wave of euphoria, he could walk on the River Derwent, It will be no wonder if by the end of the season if, like all his predecessors, he sinks

The Rams  4  Bolton Wanderers  0.

After a display of “Mr Hide”, Mr Jeckle turned up at Pride Park with the Trotters as opponents, and so it was normal service resumed. It has been mentioned in this column that the team were missing a mid fielder who has guile, savvy and skill to take on the opposition and make them suffer. This sort of player was there for all to enjoy in the form of Mason Mount. He emulated Waghorn by getting a hat trick except he did it with out the aid of penalties. All three of his goals were gained by and from his own playing ability, especially the first when he sent a two yard pass to Waghorn who poked it between to defenders for him to run onto and with panache placed it past the helpless goalkeeper. Prior to this Bryson at last showed what he can do when he wants to and from a tight angle slammed the ball into the onion bag for the first gaol after about fourteen minutes. The team as a whole commanded the game from start to finish, a trait sadly missing for the majority of the season. Maybe they have decided to begin playing to their strengths a little too late. Bolton showed why they are in relegation mode, yet it is against teams of this ilk that the Rams have failed to overcome and consequently failed to get the points needed to secure a play off place. All in all though it was a pleasure to watch out favourite football team entertain the crowd and score a few goals. Nice to say that ten goals in two home matches pleases the fans.


Forget any play off hopes. The squad are not consistent, or good enough to claim enough points from now on to even have a sniff at getting into sixth place. Birmingham  City and Bristol City away are to games where they will come away with zero points, may be Swansea as well. The way they can play on home soil is not transferred on to away soil, so how they consider that were they to get that sixth spot they could win a place at Wembley is a pipe dream. Remember Fulham last season?  They won at home and lost away, and from the way they have performed away this season then the chances are they will fail .So why have this dream of sixth place at all. Leave it as they will have had a good try and learned a lot this year, improve where they are at their weakest then go for it next season full blooded. Lastly there will be no reports for the next two games, the editor will be wallowing in sunshine on a mediterranean beach., hopefully !