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  How brainey are you? What do you know about everything?

Well, here is an opportunity to prove it and have a jolly good time testing yourself at the Heanor Rams Annual Quiz which will take place at the Heanor Miners Welfare club on November 8th starting at eight o’clock in the evening. Last year was a huge success the room was full well before the start so get there early this year to ensure you get a seat, it is a very popular occasion. Your quiz master this year is Granville Giggs who is determined to test you with all sorts of topics which will make you think and recall all those snippets you thought you had forgot. There is a lovely buffet (as well as good ale), a raffle with excellent prizes, and for the winners a £10.00 shopping voucher plus a £5.00 shopping voucher for the runners up. Teams of four with an entry fee of £1.00 per person are invited and the evening is very enjoyable and not to be missed. So get a team together with your thinking hats all ready at 8pm on November 8th at the Heanor Miners Welfare Club.

“There’s a seaside town called Blackpool, noted for fresh air and fun”.

It is here where you can enjoy a weekend away courtesy of Heanor Rams Supporters Club.You will be housed in the Lumanda Hotel for two nights, to enjoy Blackpool in early December (7th and 8th). On the Saturday the choice is yours, you can order an admission ticket to watch The Rams play Wigan at the DW stadium, or stay and enjoy the day in Blackpool. {In case of inclement weather or changes in dates of the game alternative arrangements are in hand for the football fans} To enjoy this weekend break then please contact Diane Looms by telephone after 7pm please on 07702873401 or facebook at Diane looms or even Email at dlooms@hotmail.com. Diane has 12 spare places for the hotel and bus and is willing to take your booking with a pledge of £30.00 as a deposit. The full cost is around £120.00 For the full details simply contact Diane and she will be more than willing to give you a full rundown of all the arrangements.

Christmas is coming  and the Royal Oak at Ockbrook is booked on Friday 21st December for your delight to enjoy a good social evening of Christmas Fare and top class entertainment. Recently featured on Radio Derby the Herron Brothers a class local band will be on hand to make the evening “go with a swing” and a night to remember. Seek out Ruth Roe (07989360546) or any committee member to book your place, and do it sooner than later for the seats are being taken up quickly. Make it a date 21st December, Royal Oak, Ockbrook. Raffle prizes are accepted and all funds raised will be put to the annual charity which this year is Ben’s Den in Ilkeston, which provides free holidays for children suffering from cancer and leukemia. So come along for a pleasant evening and give financial support for those poor children.


The Rams 1  Norwich City 1

This was a chance to put the Bolton loss into history and get back to giving home fans something to cheer, regretfully it did not mature to the way envisaged. The Rams began brightly enough with Nugent testing the Canaries goalkeeper with a surprise shot from the right wing, which was the only real highlight from the Rams during the first half. Norwich arrived at Pride Park unbeaten in five games and after about ten to fifteen minutes it became obvious why. They were very astute with their passing and running off the ball, this gave the Rams a lot to think about. Derby tried to emulate this type of game yet to no avail, Mount being the man to watch during the first forty five minutes, with Malone at left back on equal terms. Derby were fortunate not to be loosing by half time only because Carson was on his game and the Norwich forwards were sadly inept at the crucial minute.  The second half began where the first left off and the home defence was proving their worth. It was from another Norwich corner that one of the Canaries defenders ran in unmarked to meet the corner kick and plant the ball into the Derby goal. In essence they had worked hard for their reward. During the game the home crowd was silent hardly any chanting and no bouncing. The Rams showed their fighting spirit yet the Norwich defenders were the better for them until eight minutes to go a loose ball across the Norwich penalty area hit Bryson and from the rebound went into the Norwich goal. Then it was almost all Derby striving for the winner which with a little bit of luck Waghorn could have got yet the ball whizzed over the cross bar much to the chagrin of all the Derby followers. The game ended in a one one draw which meant Norwich retained their unbeaten run and Derby; well they did not loose.


The atmosphere at Pride Park for the beginning of any game is becoming abysmal. For example. The Heanor bus gets the fans to the stadium on average fifty minutes before the kick off. About forty five minuted prior to this there are hardly any fans in the ground and only the goal keepers are “warming up” The man on the microphone then announces the teams – to an empty stadium ! The two teams come out  to exercise and at the same time the lads who wave the flags at the entrance are ushered into the ground to stand and wait, no matter what the weather, Yet, who are they? What club do they represent?Also kicking a ball about are some more kids. Who are they? The noise begins to be blasted out of the sound system, some confused sort of “music” The teams disappear the music becomes more and more bizarre grossly obnoxious to the hearing and slowly the ground is perhaps three quarters full. Ten minutes before kick off the  crowd are asked to clap to the Steve Bloomer song, following this they blast out sirens followed by Boom Boom and then more  offensive noise which has the full effect of demoralisation, and dulls the morale of the crowd. Then they are expected to cheer the Rams team. The announcer has now woken up and tells the crowd who is playing, ending in a rallying cry of  “Come on you Rams” the whole sage is pathetic, yet the fans are expected to encourage the players immediately after being totally dulled by horrific unsavoury noise. Is it any wonder why the players find it hard to motivate themselves to a moronic crowd? If the whole pre-match programme was more up lifting and light hearted with popular music the whole atmosphere would be a major fillip to the players. Some one somewhere in Pride Park needs to realise this. Oh by the way have you noticed the announcer always calls the crowd “Pride Park”? What a plonker.

Queens Park Rangers 1  The Rams 1

There will be more games such as this when the Rams play a good game, take the lead yet fail to dominate enough to get a second goal.  Jack Marriot a player who many have called for to start a game did at last get the nod, and did himself proud. He slammed the ball into the onion bag with gusto to show the type of goal scorer he is. It took all the supporters by surprise because it is along time since a Ram player showed the way to score from an innocuous situation. This was the highlight of his performance and although he had another few chances they did not mature to a goal. The team as a whole showed up well yet there are lapses which will be eliminated as the season goes along. It is to be considered that with a new set up and new players the results and style of play is becoming clearer by each game. Just because the position in the league is not within the top six does not indicate the players are not competitive enough. This match at QPR when analysed will show that The Rams are equal to other Championship teams or even better than they show now. The goal they lost was from a bad decision by the referee, and whilst the Derby players bemoaned this they lost a bit of concentration and it cost them. Timori had every right to demonstrate his anger at the referee after QPR had scored. It is a human failure to allow emotions to control and it took a while for this to be diluted and for the Rams to get their game going again. It was only for the lack of a little more care that the game ended in a draw much to the relief of a certain Mr McClaren and the vexation of Mr Lampard.


First of all congratulations to Mason Mount for his call up to the England senior squad. It is a wonderful achievement for someone of his age and for the Ram supporters to be able to have a potential International wearing the Black and White of Derby County. Lets hope Mr. Lampard can sign him up permanently, because from a northeners’  point of view all that Chelsea can sign are foreign players. Looking into the future the Rams team as it is now is giving a good show of themselves with a steady improvement from every game. Maybe other teams have done better by gaining more points, as any pundit who watches the championship will agree, it is the quite teams that come good from January onwards. What has to be considered is if by good fortune Derby get promotion with this group of players then lose Mount and Wilson, who will take their place, and will this upset the balance of play with the end result being a similar situation as the last fiasco in the premiership?  Loan players may be there for the shop window and gain experience however if they then move back to their parent club ie Chelsea and Liverpool, will they be in the under 23’s or sat on the bench as a spectator? Would it not be more advantageous to be a first teamer in another club? Apparently from word off the grapevine Mount is very happy to be at Derby and enjoys the area and the club, so that is a plus factor.