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Reading 1  The Rams  2

This in reality was an “opening day of the season game”. Both teams trying to establish some sort of rhythm and cohesion yet both failing to do so. The referee did not help either by booking players who in his pathetic opinion had committed misdeeds yet it was simply poor timing at tackling which will be eliminated after a few games and body clashes when two players go for the “fifty-fifty” ball.  Admittedly The Rams were out of sorts in the first half, and could not put two passes together. Here is a quote from the last write up “Keogh has to improve as well. he constantly passes a square pass to Davis and eventually he will do that pass one to many times for the opponents will read it” It took just five minutes into the game and this prophecy came true, then only minutes later he passed the ball directly to a Reading forward. Slowly he recovered from this awful lapse of concentration he seems to possess, yet breath was held when the ball came to him. His rating for this game and his style can be only two out of ten. Wisdom is not beyond the same rating. He gets the ball and freezes, waits to be tackled, then turns round to pass it backwards, or he just kicks it any where usually at the opponent who quickly gathers the rebound. He is another who will be watching very soon for Bogle is a far better player even if he lacks championship experience. It became obvious that ex Derby manager Clements had worked out how to counter Derby’s way of playing and it showed. In the second half Reading began to dominate and got the lead. The ball went to about five Reading players and not one Ram went within four yards of any of them and from a perfect crossed ball into the penalty area the inevitable occurred. This may seem to be a good goal however from a Derby point of view every one wearing the dark coloured shirt should be ashamed. It was abysmal. That said the Rams began to dominate and from a half chance Mount hit an hopeful shot at goal, the goalkeeper fluffed it and the scores were even. No one could predict the ending though. Four minutes extra time was put up and although Derby tried it was without any conviction, silly direct to feet passes intersected easily by the opponents. Then that lad  from Shirebrook,  Mason Bennett, who had substituted Nugent put a bit of his guile into the game and during the final ten seconds, when every one expected the draw, he sent a super pass from the right wing which bounced perfectly off the head of Lawrence out of the reach of the Reading goalkeeper and Derby bagged the three points. A thrilling end to a “run of the mill” game.


It was an obvious thrill for Mr Lampard to have his first win at the first attempt, however he has a lot of thinking to do. Ledley only made the numbers up he never once did what his role was,  “run around Bryson” seemed to be doing his job. Johnson did no better when he substituted him. His erratic ways are not wanted in this team. Keogh and Wisdom have already been criticised  Max Lowe and Bryson should not have been booked, it was a shame for them, the referee was playing schoolteacher and wanted to be despotic.  The weakness have been spotted by Lampard and Co. hence the new signings. Maybe these will not feature against Leeds yet maybe they will at Oldham. With respect to Lampard’s current dilemma what will be the outcome of all those old men who are in the comfort zone. On the plus side Vydra seems to be staying at Pride Park, so what of the others? Anya has shown potential, gets chosen for Scotland yet fails to get a kick for Derby. Forsyth, Butterfield, Martin, Thorne maybe Hudleston and Blackman are all surplus and it is reported they get well paid. It goes to show that they become contemptable, lose the enthusiasm to do well in their vocation, then find themselves ostracised, with only themselves to blame. There was a bet on whether Lampard would be in a track suit or a dress suit for his first game. He fooled everyone and came out in casual wear.  Also if you have not heard it try to listen Ed Dawes commentary on Radio Derby when Lawrence scored. This must be the best bit of commentary “this season”, it will take some beating.

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The Rams 1  Leeds United  4

Through an analogy, the team performance can be explained easy. Consider the tale of the Three Little Pigs. The defence was built half of straw and bricks and wood. The centre was all straw and the front wall was part brick and wood. Wisdom and Keogh are definitely straw. Their style and commitment is not to the standard needed in the Championship now. The lad who took Davis’s position Tamori, stood out as a brick yet Lowe was only wood. Ledley and later Johnson were both straw. Bryson is definitely straw and Mount was not much better. Lawrence was all wood, Waghorn was a brick and Wilson was straw. Thus to sum it up this team which played against Leeds was not of the calibre Derby fans want to see. Lampard has enjoyed the ecstasy of a win now he has to endure the humiliation of as big loss. The team he chose may show promise in training, (against the team mates they train against) yet in match days their weakness’s and style is shown to the full. Keogh and Wisdom have one way of playing and they drag the better players down. Ledley (why he is chosen) is a no starter for ever. Too slow always out of position and not of the present day ilk. Bryson who runs all over the field chasing the ball, getting in every team mates way has to be dropped for some one who will stay and guard the patch and his opponent he supposed to guard. Mount is on a learning curve. He may improve with a few more games, if he is willing and determined enough to do so. Lawrence is hot and cold, he needs to sharpen up. Wilson is in the same situation as Mount and Waghorn showed he knows what to do yet he has to hone his ability to play with his team mates. Look at any positives that showed and they are limited Look at the negatives and there are pages full. Keogh for one example insists on sending pussy footed passes to Wisdom who freezes with the ball then passes it back to Keogh who passes it back to the goalkeeper, whilst the midfield stand staring and not asking for a pass. The forwards get fed up and loose the will to play. This malaise spreads through the team and the enthusiasm is gone. Bryson gets into every position bar one, that’s his own, so other team players think “let him get on with it why should I try”  As the game progressed these situations increased, until in the time added on Keogh sent a free kick forward, (repeat forward}, and took all by surprise for the forwards were off side. This style of play is abysmal. So Mr Lampard your baptism is over, the real life of a Football manager has begun.


The performance as a whole was typical Derby because of the old ways half of the team continue to play. Get these players out and give the new recruits a chance. Lampard and Morris know who the weak links are, that is why they have recruited. Now is the time to select them and get them playing. They have to take and accept a loss or two whilst they build a team for the future yet whilst they have straw in the foundations the team will always fail. The next game at Oldham is the ideal situation to revamp the squad, chuck out the dead legs put in the fresh legs and send them out to see what they have brought in. Even if they take a loss it will no do harm. It will show that those who think themselves immortal are not. If the new faces show potential then they stay in the chosen eleven, again maybe a loss. Yet why recruit and continue to play the dead legs? History tells us that a Mr Ferguson was one win away from the sack yet he stood by his convictions. Lampard has to show some steel. Show who is boss. No use cow-towing to the long serving players. This club needs a revamp every one knows this and if Lampard wants success he has to prove it to himself and to the twenty seven thousand who came on Saturday evening. He is up against wiley opponents in this Championship who have the experience of Premiership management and have been sacked from which they have learned a lot and are now Championship managers. This season has to be a consolidation season. Maybe a mid table team for once yet if his intentions are to be successful he has to start at rock bottom accept the disappointments keep the positive attitude, and show his mettle at all times.

Oldham 0  The Rams 2

No one really expected a cup upset yet they did anticipate a few new faces in the Rams Line up, and Mr Lampard duly obliged. Out went “stand still” Wisdom and “Run about” Bryson as well as  a couple or more changes. Overall the Rams played a convincing game and showed they were a better class than Oldham which was expected. Without being over ambitious to see how many goals they could score they set about to find cohesion and develop a style of play as per instructed. They played a four -Two -Three – One formation which given time the whole squad would be better playing. Although Rowett played this style last season the midfield used was to ineffective so it failed, yet this squad could play it to a better standard. Mount showed his class although it was against less crafted players, Marriot gave a performance more of the ball and had a chance or two which will give him a boost, Evans was at times a little lost and maybe a touch nervous yet all in all the team gave a good account and came away to go in the hat for the next draw.


Tomori was again the man to get all the acclaim, and Mount showed some class and scored the second goal. It seems that without the two players, Wisdom and Bryson the team gives more positive attitude. Some players fidn it awkward to play with others and it seems that without these to dour players the others will thrive. Keogh has to step up now for when Davis is fit if he come into the reckoning then maybe Tomori will take Keoghs place.  The two full backs need to be honed a little more however if they are playing with Davis and Timori then confidence will be installed in them The midfield and forwards will mature as games are played and overall it seems that at present the future is good. Millwall will be a big game for all of them so they will have to be on their best.

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