Please take note that the ANNUALL GENERAL MEETING for 2018 will take place at the Heanor Miners Welfare Club on THURSDAY 7TH  JUNE AT 20.00  (see About Us for the agenda)


Mr.M.Plant has this message for all Heanor Rams supporters regarding the home transport 

Those members who travel to home games on Heanor branch transport will be aware of the parking issues experienced over the past few games.  We are issued with parking permits for each bus but are unable to choose exactly where we park.  Derby County employ a traffic management company to govern the use of roads and parking on match days.  We basically have to park where we are told, this is not decided by the drivers or the committee.

We have been fortunate to have always been allowed to park in the bus stop across from Frankie and Benny’s, close to the stadium.  This season, since the start of road works’ around the Toys R Us island, the stewards have insisted that after dropping off passengers the buses must park up near to the bridge, an extra walk of about 200m or so.  As a committee we are well aware that not all of our members are easily able to make this extra distance on foot.  We have discussed options at committee meetings and also with the TMS stewards.  At the Burton game it was agreed that, for the Aston Villa game, both buses will drop off passengers on Riverside Way (i.e just off the island where we currently drop off) and the buses will remain parked there throughout the match to enable members to get back onto the bus where they got off, close to the stadium.  If successful, this will become the normal parking position for all games until further notice.  The only down side may be that it takes a little longer to get away after the game but we do not believe it will be more than a few minutes delay.

We apologise for any confusion and inconvenience however we have little control over the situation; we are doing all we can to resolve.

Martin Plant – Chairman




Congratulations are to be given to Darren Curzon and Andy Waterall for being voted the “Supporter of the year” Both of them share this accolade for being present at every home and away game the Rams played during this season up to April 2018. This is good commitment and shows a loyalty to the club they have at heart. From all of the Heanor Rams members we applaud you both. Well done.

Talking Point

Who will go? Who will stay? these are the two questions Rams fans are now asking. There is much speculation over almost all the players. This business of “he” is on a long contract and “he” has a contract which expires on such a such a date is all a load of nonsense. Do the people who work on the Heanor Industrial estate have contracts which will keep them in a job for two to three years with the option of an extension? Or is it they have to work diligently, accurately and consistently.(For almost 50 years). Do they have work clothes supplied and laundered for them, do they have free meals supplied, are they cosseted and given free transport all over the country and abroad, and do they have an accountant to cover all their personal assets and spending? If not; Why not?  Because they are not Professional Footballers who do enjoy all these comforts as well as keeping them selves fit and healthy. Yet, as Ram fans have seen too many times these cossetted players are not of the same ilk as the every day working person. They can “go to work on a Saturday” and not do their job diligently, and still keep their job. Would this apply to the every day working person? Now is the crunch time, now is the time of decision. The manager to decide who is the worker and who is the shirker. Taken in no particular order, then those to see the outside of Pride Park could be, Martin, Shackell, Butterfield, Bryson, Bent, Ledley, and maybe Pearce, Thorne and Baird. On the “danger” list, Nugent Winnall, Bennet,  Johnson, Wisdom, Olssen and possibly Jerome. To keep and to build around, Davis, Forsythe, Keogh, Anya, Vydra, Weimann, Lawrence, Huddleston, Carson and Mitchell. There are a few u’23 players who have been out on loan at lower clubs who will come back to the fold, so it could be these who can have their futures enhanced by being added to a first team squad for the next season. Why groom players, send them off for experience, then seek players from other outlets and have to pay silly inflated prices for them.  It can be agreed there are young Rams already and available and wanting to play for Derby County and to make their chosen club successful.  We will have to wait and see, all will be revealed in a few weeks, it will make interesting reading.

What do you reckon? write it out and post it to Heanorrams2017@gmail.com

May 23rd 2018

Repeat “Who will go and who will stay” Well the fourth person through the door was “Judas” Rowett. When he was appointed he remarked that the managers job at Derby County was the job he had cherished and desired since he left Birmingham City (under a cloud) He had, according to what he said, had plenty of offers yet he stuck it out hoping that Derby would come and knock on his door one day. Derby did come knocking and he lasted 14 month in his most desired job, and although it cannot be said he did a decent job, when his head was turned for that “greener grass” he was gone. In many ways it epitomises the state of mind that football managers seem to have. They may know about football and maybe know about how to manage a football club, what they lack is common decency and loyalty. To hear his remarks that Stoke City are a better club than Derby, then why is that? It can only be that he has made Derby an inferior club to Stoke. The day will dawn when he has to come to Pride Park in an effort to gain three points from the Rams. If he sets his team out to play his favoured 4-2-3-1, then it is definitely three points for the Rams. All the opposing managers know how each other sets the team up and it is too easy to beat Rowetts system, as has been proved during February and March of this last season. It can also be assumed that he has passed the buck to the next incumbent at Pride Park for there are, as all know, a plethora of aged players and a Chairman who wants to see under 23 players being used. Knowing this and afraid to face it he jumped ship. If he takes the backroom staff with him then that is a good thing, if he leaves them here then there is a good reason why. All that can be done now is wait and see, what ever the outcome every Rams fan has to be loyal and support the new manager and his squad.