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Sarasota  0  The Rams 2

At last after several weeks of limbo the football is back, albeit in the preliminary stage of only friendly games. It was interesting to see who, and how, they played, and to watch the likes of Chris Martin and George Thorne wearing the black and white shirt again. Both of them showed they are still keen yet at times showed they are defunct of regular games. Others to show their prowess was Bennet and of course our Jack Marriot. Playing in his red bots he was still as canny and potent by getting both goals all though the second was just a tap in.It proves he is in the right place at the right time, and Bennet showed good determination. Martin missed a sitter with his head yet sent deadly passes for Jack to finish the job. All in all Cocu has plenty to be cheerful about and no doubt he will gradually get the lads into some shape and the Rams will be a challenger in the new season. The next game may be more intensive against Bristol City, after all they have a reason to show they mean business themselves this year. There has been no development in the transfer incoming department yet and it could be that the players Derby have now could be the squad for 2019 /20.

Bristol City 1  The Rams  0

RSP are the letters applied to the nations national summer sport of cricket so to apply them to a football match is unique. This occurred in Florida on Saturday afternoon local time when after about fifteen minutes a volumetric claxton horn  blared out a weather warning of severe lightening which initiated a thirty minutes stoppage time in the game, then the heavens opened and the rain simply poured down ensuring that this friendly football game was to be abandoned. During the quarter it was played the Rams were all “at sea”. There was no fluency or flair from any one player.  What was striking was that the four full backs continue to play the very same as they have for the last season or so. Keogh to Davis, Davis to Malone, he is put under pressure he passes it back to Davis who is also hassled so it goes to Roos. This movement was played out too many times, and it appears that after the “lightening break” it stopped, yet Malone in his infinite wisdom when passing back to Sheenie the ball was lost and ended up behind Roos. During that “first half” the Rams did not have one attempt at goal they were outplayed in every department. Huddleston was his usual “I’m to good for this team” attitude, Flo Jo was ineffective, the mid field were playing as under 15’s. When the game resumed it was obvious they had their ears bent and began to be more effective. Jason Knight stood out as a very good prospect whilst Waghorn tried with out any full conviction. Lawrence was his usual fifteen percent player, and Bogle was the better of the full backs, yet all in all this crew were very sloppy. It was a shame the weather spoiled what could have been a very interesting second period. To see Martin, Thorn, Anya and some of the under 23’s involved with Jack the lad leading could have been a very interesting sixty minutes. Never mind though they may begin the game against Burton on Saturday 20th July.


From taking a broad view of the way the Ram players performed it can be readily realised that their simple advise was to go out and play the way they are accustomed too so that Mr Cocu and Co. can analyse their system. They would have no problem to understand that they need a lot of tweeking. The same old, same old still went on, the negative play from Malone is a perfect example. Cocu’s philosophy, as he says, is to get the ball forward as soon and as quick as possible. This was hardly ever done. It was most apparent that they had no cohesion amongst themselves, in comparison to the Robins, so it will be fascinating to see how much of Cocu’s style of play is injected into his players when they turn out against the likes of Huddersfield on the Monday  when the real issue begins. Another interest will be to see if the squad consists of the players who have enjoyed a stint in the USA.