Minutes of the last meeting

A summary of the committee meeting held on Thursday 28th November 2019

Members present

Ian Buxton                                                                                                                                       Granville Gigg                                                                                                                                        Andy Waterall                                                                                                                                       Graham Waterall
Martin Parkin                                                                                                                                          Ruth Roe                                                                                                                                                  Geoff Marsden                                                                                                                                Martin Plant                                                                                                                                    Chris Crawford


Amanda Curzon;  Zoe Bellamy;  Kev Kirkman.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted as a true record.

Matters arising

Weekend trip to Blackpool. Every one who went expressed their thanks for a good enjoyable weekend. Martin Plant thanked Mick and Diane Looms for their arrangements.

The Weston Super Mare Trip. This excursion is now organised and will take in the game at Cardiff City. The Grosvenor Hotel is booked, 35 persons have booked a place at £135.00 each. A stop over will be arranged and a quiz as well.

Christmas dinner

The meal and entertainment was enjoyed by all who attended.   Martin Plant thanked Ruth Roe for the way she organised everything.

Christmas Raffle and annual charity

The Christmas raffle gave us a total of £622.00 (which is a new record for the club.) The proceeds from the quiz (167.00) were added to this making as sum of £789.00.  Zoe Bellamy donated £11.00 so that the final sum to go to Mee&Dee charity is £800.00. Martin Plant was very grateful to every one who sold the raffle tickets and to the donors of such wonderful prizes. He is about to send a nice letter informing Mee&Dee of the donation.

Welfare donation

The annual £50.00 donation to the Welfare Children’s fund was paid.

Home transport.          The home transport had no problems. It is very well supported this year.

Away transport 

Middlesbrough     Persons with own ticket to reserve a seat on the bus which will leave Heanor at 09.00 Please call Darren Curzon

Northampton Town  Bookings being taken, limited seats

Luton     Persons with own ticket to reserve a seat on the bus. Travel will be with the Alfreton branch/

Swansea City        Bookings being taken. 16 seater bus booked. Time of departure 08.30

Bristol City.          Travel will be with the Alfreton branch

Queens Park Rangers   Travel will be with the Alfreton branch


186 adults ;  5 Life  ;  9 committee  ; 33 juniors   Total  233

Web Site    There has been 151 visits from November to December and 11 up to the meeting day in January.

Any other business

The day trip to Whitby clashes with the date of the F A Cup final which is the May Bank Holiday Saturday. Taking into consideration traffic problems to Whitby, the play off dates as well, Ian suggested to contact Martin Daybell for another date to be arranged.

The date of the next meeting will be 6th February 2020 at 20.00

Meeting closed at 20.55


The 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Heanor Rams Supporters Club was held at the Heanor Miners Welfare club on Thursday June 20th. This is the full Minutes of that meeting.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Heanor Supporters Branch held at Heanor Miners Welfare on Thursday 20th June 2019

Present :
Ian Buxton
Granville Gigg
Darren Curzon
Andy Waterall
Graham Waterall
Martin Plant
Kev Kirkman
Martin Parkins
Zoe Bellamy
Geoff Marsden

Steve Housley
Amanda Curzon
Ruth Roe

The chairman thanked everyone for attending and explained how the meeting would run.


The minutes of the last AGM were read and accepted as a true record.

2. Matters Arising

Nothing to comment on, all covered by the agenda items

3. Annual Reports

3.1 Chairman

See attached report.

3.2 Transport

All financial details are contained in the Treasurers Report.


It has been another successful season with transport run to every home game. Profits made on home transport have meant we have been able to run 3 free buses this season.

Ian thanked all those who have helped on the buses and everyone who has travelled with us.
Ian also thanked Martin and Darren for their help in booking the buses for the Wembley play-off final and taking peoples bookings for the game.

Thanks also given to Freeway and Slacks bus companies and their drivers.

Martin offered the committees thanks to Ian for arranging transport to home games and arranging the Wembley trip.


Transport was run to all but 5 away games.

Darren has been running the away travel with Ian taking the bookings and Andy filling in the spreadsheets.

Darren offered thanks to Slacks, Freeway, Paul Wain, Mal Cars and to everyone who travelled with us to an away game this season.

Martin thanked Darren, Ian, Andy and Ruth for their efforts in running the away travel.
Martin also talked about the difficulties we face with away travel due to the low numbers attending and new rules from the club.

Granville provided a breakdown of profit and loss by game for the season. The overall profit on transport for this season is up from last year.
3.3 Treasurers

Report for the year on file

A record amount was raised this year for charity.

The loss on the Blackpool trip was down to people dropping out at the last minute.
The weekend trips overall are still in profit, as is the Scarborough / York trip.

Martin commented that given the branch doesn’t intend to make money, a profit of £500 for the season is very good. This is a testament to the hard work of the committee.

Granville thanked everyone who had helped to collect money in.

Martin thanked Granville for his work running the finances.

3.4 Membership

Martin Parkins thanked everybody who had helped collect memberships over the season.

We now need to have a separate spreadsheet for away members with fan ID numbers to order away tickets.

Martin Plant thanked Martin for his work as membership secretary.

3.5 Black Out Card

We have made a profit of £376.25 for the season.

Kev thanked everyone who had run a card on the buses this season, and everybody who had taken part on the buses.

Martin thanked Kev for running the cards again this season.

3.6 Number Draw

£1350 paid out from 10th June 2018 to 16th June 2019 (54 draws)
£640 paid to the branch
£45.50 outstanding
£438 cash in hand

Steve thanked everyone for taking part and also anyone who helped collect money this season. Steve is happy to carry on running the number draw next season.

Martin thanked Steve for running the number draw

3.7 Website

Geoff provided a report on the website. This report is on file.

Visits have been made to the website from various places around the world.

Geoff is disappointed that he doesn’t get any contrary / opposing views to this articles and match reports.

Martin mentioned that the committee needs to keep providing content for Geoff to publish on the website.

Martin commented that the website is going from strength to strength, and thanked Geoff for all his hard work in running the website and keeping it up to date.

4 Constitution and Rules

5 amendments / proposals to the constitution were submitted. Copies of these on file.

Martin read through the proposed amendments and all of these were passed by a show of hands by the committee.

5 Election of Chair (3 years)

Martin Plant was proposed by Darren Curzon and seconded by Graham Waterall. There were no other nominations so this was carried unopposed.

6 Election of Committee Members

There are 5 places to be filled this year.

The following people were nominated.

Name Proposer Seconder
Ian Buxton Darren Curzon Andy Waterall
Martin Parkins Zoe Bellamy Kev Kirkman
Ruth Roe Granville Gigg Martin Parkins
Graham Waterall Kev Kirkman Zoe Bellamy
Chris Crawford Granville Gigg Neil Buxton
Dwain Palfreyman Darren Curzon Ian Buxton

Ruth is still happy to collect the away tickets if she doesn’t get elected to the committee.

The vote was carried out by secret ballot by the members in attendance.

Dwain Palfreyman was the person with the fewest votes so wasn’t elected to the committee.

Martin thanked everyone for taking part in the vote and welcomed the new committee members on board.

Any Other Business

1) Geoff asked if all of the clubs funds are kept in the same account and what rate of interest they were receiving. Geoff also asked if we should move some money into an account that pays a higher interest rate.

Granville answered that all of the funds are in an easy access current account and the committee would need to agree to move any money.

It was mentioned that if the branch provided tickets to a big game eg Wembley final, we would need substantial funds in the account to cover the payment for these.
It was therefore agreed to leave the funds in the current bank account.

2) Jean Plant thanked all of the committee members for running the branch on behalf of the 300+ members. Jean was impressed with the smooth running of the Wembley trip in particular.

3) Martin thanked everyone who had attended the meeting

AGM closed 9.25pm


After the meeting the new committee met. This is a summary of that meeting.

Minutes of Heanor Supporters Branch Committee Meeting held at Heanor Miners Welfare on Thursday 20th June 2019

Present :
Ian Buxton
Granville Gigg
Darren Curzon
Andy Waterall
Graham Waterall
Martin Plant
Kev Kirkman
Martin Parkins
Zoe Bellamy
Geoff Marsden
Chris Crawford

Amanda Curzon
Ruth Roe


The minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted as a true record.

2. Matters Arising

2.1 Scarborough York Trip

This was a successful trip and was enjoyed by all who went on it.

Martin Plant thanked Martin Daybell and Ian Buxton for organising and running the trip.

2.2 Awards Night

The trophy now has the plaque added to it.

3 Election of Officers
Vice Chairman Ian Buxton Proposed by Martin Parkins. Seconded by Kev Kirkman

Carried unopposed

Transport (Home) Ian Buxton Proposed by Granville Gigg. Seconded by Graham Waterall
Carried unopposed

Transport (Away) Darren Curzon Proposed by Andy Waterall. Seconded by Zoe Bellamy

Carried unopposed

Paul Wain is also going to help with away transport

Ticketing Ruth Roe Proposed by Granville Gigg. Seconded by Ian Buxton

Carried unopposed

Membership Martin Parkins Proposed by Ian Buxton. Seconded by Kev Kirkman

Carried unopposed

Blackout Card Kev Kirkman Proposed by Zoe Bellamy. Seconded by Darren Curzon

Carried unopposed

Number Draw Steve Housley Proposed by Granville Gigg. Seconded by Chris Crawford

Carried unopposed

Geoff will continue to run the website.

4. Treasurers Report

Report on file

5. Any Other Business

5.1 Number Draw

£175 paid out from 5th May to 16th June (7 draws)
£45.50 outstanding
Cash in hand £438

5.3 Weekend Trips

Andy received a text message from Diane Looms.
Mick and Diane are arranging and taking bookings for the following weekends away.

Blackpool in December for the Blackburn game
Weston Super Mare in April for the Cardiff game.

5.6 Other

The bus fare, membership fee, newsletter, annual quiz and Xmas dinner will be discussed at the next committee meeting.

Date of next meeting: 18th July 2019 at Heanor Miners Welfare.
Meeting closed 10.25pm