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WELCOME to the Heanor Rams Supporters Club Website  

This is our welcoming page to you. As you will see we are a club dedicated to support Derby County F. C. at all home games and away games. That is our principal set up. However we do enjoy social events non more so than our annual Quiz night which is always a resounding, enjoyable success, and our Christmas Dinner evening which always a feast and fabulous evening. We use both these occasions to raise money for local charities which has given lots of unfortunate persons a lift in the lives.

Our site has several pages designed to give you all you need to know. The Upcoming Fixtures page will tell you all about the up and coming football matches, the kick off times, the places that the bus will be waiting for you, and the time you need to be at that stop. It also advises you how the club can get you a ticket for any away game. See Upcoming Fixtures for all this information.

Other pages are for your perusal. We have a dedicated page which is written for your enjoyment giving a supporters view of the last game played, plus an opinion from a supporter. You are invited to add your considerations to this page as well. See the new name for this page which is now Heanor Reporter.

The web site invites all Heanor Rams members to send in any photographs relating to their experience at any game. This is for amusement as well as showing themselves as a true Ram. It is all for fun so the Email address will be found on the Photographs of Rams page.

There is a devoted band of persons who spend their own time to organise all the club functions. The names of these people are on the page Meet the Committee Their telephone numbers for when ever you have need to contact them are available.. They meet every month in the Miners Welfare to discuss everything relating to the club to ensure all activities are easily managed for your benefit. Any member can sit in at the meetings if they so desire.

If you are interested in what the committee discuss and arrange then the minutes of the meeting are always published on the page headed Minutes of Last Meeting.

Now click on any of the headings to enjoy finding out what ever it is you want to know.


This is the Constitution of the Heanor rams Supporters Club

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These are the rules of The Heanor Rams Supporters Club

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